Tuesday, August 7, 2012

B J Designs

There is so much new stock coming in I thought I should put some of it on my blog. Today's offering is B J Designs. I love their stuff, it is mainly applique wall quilts with some fabulous and funky animals and a few other things. They have a great armadillo named Armando that Barbara gave me the pattern for to make for the SewArmadillo store. I haven't made it yet of course, but it is on the list.
Here are a few of the wonderful patterns that have just come back in, some new ones and some that we have had before.
This is Ellie, isn't she gorgeous. She would be a great addition to my elephant collection. I might have to put her on the list of things to do.

Fiona, she is beautiful isn't she. Like my friend Fiona, maybe this one wears brighter colours but they are both great. I'm not sure if Fiona (the person) is into fish, I should find out and maybe make this for her if she would like it.

Jersey Girl - so cute, and she is new. Perfect for any cow collectors out there. I love her in purple but I think she would be great in black and white as well (not just because I have a large collection of black and white fabric)

And something other than animals. This one is called Gotta Love My Bus - I think it is perfect for all the old hippies out there and anyone who loves campervans.
All these patterns are so cool, there are way more on the website - www.sewarmadillo.com.au

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