Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Well I got everything done for Christmas that I had planned. Unfortunately I didn't make it to Tasmania to visit but I had a couple of chats with Jo. I miss seeing her and Sophia but maybe next year we will get to spend more time together. 

Got lots of quilts and stuff made for gifts this year. I tried making some pants for Sophia, and forgot to take a picture. Hopefully Jo will take one and send it to me.
Here are the other quilts that got done for all my special people.
This is Jo's quilt. She saw it when she was here last Christmas and said she loved it. So I had it quilted and gave it to her. It is a Woolylady pillow pattern (tweaked a bit) done with Kaffe Fassett fabrics.

This one is for Gai. It is an original design.

Courtenay and Ben's quilt - another original design

Brodie & Monique's quilt - this is a Jaybird pattern with just a little tweaking.

I love this quilt, it is a simple dresden plate that I gave to Lysa, my sister-in-lay

David's quilt 

Millie's quilt - done from a Jean Boyd pattern called Paws and Claws and done in 1930s fabrics.

and this may be my favourite - it is an I Spy done for Kobie. Another original design.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Finished another

Well, I have finished one more quilt. Now just one to go - and  all the other stuff that still needs to be done. I am going to spend Christmas with my family in Tasmania so I need to find something to take with me. I want to make my granddaughter some pants, she doesn't like dresses (at age 4) so that will be her Christmas present. Once they are done, I think I will have almost finished my necessary sewing.
This is my niece's quilt. She got engaged a few years ago, but still no wedding date so I'm making her wedding quilt for this Christmas. Her mother tells me she is into black and white, so I think she will like it. I really like this design so I'm thinking of doing another scrappy for something totally different.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kate's Christmas quilts

I have finished two more quilts that needed to be done before Christmas. One of these is for my nephew's little boy and is an I Spy quilt in bright colours. He is 5 so I think he will like it. And the other is going to be a door curtain at the shop I work at. It won't get quilted till after Christmas, I'm just going to sew some calico around the edges to protect it a bit.
Kobie's quilt. I may even write this up as a pattern because I am so happy with it. 

This one is a free Lecien pattern, called Zig Zag (I think). Quick and easy. And the fabrics are all Christmas fabrics. They are really pretty.

And this is from my desk. The birds were feasting on the tree outside my window and I had my camera  at my desk so I had to take some pictures. Isn't he gorgeous.

Friday, October 26, 2012


I have just been going through some patterns looking for something to put on Facebook and found some fabulous ones from The Red Boot Quilt Company. This is a great Australian company and Toni's quilts and stuff are just great. They are bright and easy, and I have actually made a couple of them. Two quilts, I think and a couple of her dolls. I need more stock but thought I would give her a mention before the new stuff comes in. Toni has just rewritten one of her patterns - The Beary Bunch. It is now 2 separate patterns but I happen to have a copy of the original pattern to give away. It is so much fun, with cute teddy bears and easy piecing. The pattern has instructions for 2 size quilts, pyjama bags, and a pillowcase. So just leave a comment telling me why you would like the free pattern and I will pick a winner in the next few days. Comments can be here or on Facebook - SewArmadillo.

This is the new Beary Bunch in Blue

This is the new Beary Bunch in Pink.
Both quilts are in the giveaway pattern.

One of my favourite Red Boot Quilt Company patterns - this one is called Vanilla Sundaes.

And I love Toni's dolls and softies. This one is Rudy's Gang.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Two finished

Just a short post today. I have finished two quilts. Well, one is completely finished and ready to go to it's new home. Just waiting on an address to post it to. This one was an order for someone, I have made baby quilts for her before and this is for her newest family member.

It is an original pattern, quick and easy but so much fun to make. I'm writing it up so it will be a free pattern at

and this is my version of the Gail Pan pattern - Somerhill House. I really liked the pattern and decided to do it in 1930s fabrics. But when I came to put it together I didn't like the plain squares so I put snowball corners on them. Now I love it. It hasn't got a home yet. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

I'm starting to freak out about Christmas

I have just realised how close it is to Christmas and how much I still have to do before I am ready. I decided I would give a few quilts to family members and I still have at least 3 to make. There were a few in the cupboard that I decided would be perfect for certain people so they will be going to new homes. I keep making quilts without an end purpose for them, but they do come in handy when I need a gift in a hurry. And I do love making them. 

This is the stars that have become a sweet little baby quilt. I forgot to take a photo before it went off to Belinda. I will get one before I sent it to the person who ordered it. This one had a purpose and a final destination before I started it.

Somerhill House - this is a Gail Pan pattern and it only the bottom bit. It wasn't meant to have the snowball corners but I wasn't happy with it the way it was coming. Love it now - just need to find a home for it.

This one is a Cozy Quilts pattern called Chain, Chain, Chain. It has a new home as well. Belinda will be quilting it and I will try and get a picture when it is done.

And this is the one that I am doing for the shop. It is an Abbey Lane pattern called Step Into Christmas and I think it's great. I decided to do it for the shop because I don't decorate my home these days and I really like the quilt. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Rydal retreat

Last weekend I went on a 2 day retreat to Rydal, a really pretty little village between Bathurst and Lithgow. Patricia, the lady I work for, arranged it and it was wonderful. There were 11 of us there, some of the ladies I knew, and some I hadn't met before. Patricia did all the catering and the food was great, as was the sewing, the company and the location.
This is the caterer, Patricia, working very hard to make sure we all had enough to eat.

and some of the local wildlife, these were just outside the dining room. Aren't they gorgeous.

The Thursday Girls - I was threatened with all sorts of things if I put this up, but they are all lovely ladies and I enjoyed spending the weekend with them. So I think they deserve some recognition.

This is Rydal, it is so pretty. They were having their annual Daffodil weekend when we were there and the daffodils were just beautiful, and everywhere.

Bitsy Buttons and Friends - that is the original pattern name by Bunny Hill. But I don't think it will end up being called that. I finished it on the weekend. The fabrics are mainly American Jane from a layer cake. The scallop border is a bit different to the pattern. I'm going to put flash buttons on the bows and a fancy collar and tag on the one who doesn't have a bow.

And this is the quilt that I made over the weekend. It is a Jaybird pattern, done with the Creative Grids Lazy Angle ruler, and it was fabulous to do. I changed the layout just a bit. I am really happy with the way it turned out, and now I want to do some more similar ones. This one is for the Relay for Life - to be raffled next year. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

More new stuff

There has been a huge amount of new stock arriving over the last couple of weeks. I thought I should stock up so that anyone who wants to make stuff for Christmas gifts can get their patterns early to get started. I'm even thinking of making some of my own gifts this year. Have a few plans, will just have to see how they pan out.
So here are a few of the new Australian designs that are in. Some are brand new, and some are back in stock after being out for a while. There are several here that would make great gift, actually I think they all would. Leave a comment if there are any you are likely to make and let me know who for and I will give free shipping for these patterns if you buy from SewArmadillo
This is the new Creative Card from Melly & Me, a quick and easy cushion. So cute. I love Dresden plates.

A fabulous bag, called Sleepover, another from Melly & Me

Little Kitty - a cute and easy softie pattern, perfect for all ages.

This is a gorgeous redwork design from Rosalie Quinlan, it is called Home for Christmas

One of my favourites, this one is Sarah - another Rosalie Quinlan design

And a May Blossom design - Mouse in a Matchbox - so cute.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Finished and ongoing projects

I feel really bad because I always mean to write my blog but it seems to be the last thing that happens. But at least I have a few things to write about today. Firstly here is a finished quilt, quilted and bound and sent to it's new home. It was a Christmas present for my daughter and son-in-law. Hot Chocolate and Tim Tams is the name that Wendy Williams of Flying Fish Kits gave the pattern but I haven't got a name for this one. It is really quite gold, not as cream and brown as it looks. All the fabrics have gold on them, and they are all oriental. I think it's great , and so do Jo and Jamie.

Hot Chocolate and Tim Tams in gold oriental fabrics.

The baby dilemma, which quilt to send, has been sorted. They like the rocket ship quilt of course, so that is going off to Oscar as soon as I put a label on it. I haven't got a photo of it quilted, but Belinda (ER Quilting) did a great job as always.

This one is a charity quilt, not sure who will get it yet and it hasn't been quilted. Just something fun and simple and bright.

And this is my latest project, isn't it so cool. It is a Bunny Hill pattern - Bitsy Button & Friends. I made it from an American Jane layer cake and all my dogs, except one, get fabulous bows. The Bunny Hill pattern has only one dog with a bow. The one in mine that doesn't have a bow will end up with something fabulous and a hanging charm of some sort, but I have to wait till it's quilted. Not ready for that yet as I need to put some borders on it. Then I have to decide what to do with it. I know a very nice little girl who may get it for her next birthday.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Barbara Ana cross stitch charts.
These fabulous and fun (and easy) charts arrived a little while ago but I have just gotten around to listing them. They are all so much fun, and simple to do. Bright and colorful and perfect for someone you know, or for yourself. There are about 4 that I want to do straight away, and I have already been thinking about who I could make some for as Christmas presents. These are some of my personal favourites.
Adam & Eve - so cute

My Favorite Apron - I am definitely doing this one for me

Cattitude - I know who this would be perfect for.

Haunted House - I'm a big Halloween fan, and just love this house. Probably won't get around to doing it, but I can put it on my list.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

B J Designs

There is so much new stock coming in I thought I should put some of it on my blog. Today's offering is B J Designs. I love their stuff, it is mainly applique wall quilts with some fabulous and funky animals and a few other things. They have a great armadillo named Armando that Barbara gave me the pattern for to make for the SewArmadillo store. I haven't made it yet of course, but it is on the list.
Here are a few of the wonderful patterns that have just come back in, some new ones and some that we have had before.
This is Ellie, isn't she gorgeous. She would be a great addition to my elephant collection. I might have to put her on the list of things to do.

Fiona, she is beautiful isn't she. Like my friend Fiona, maybe this one wears brighter colours but they are both great. I'm not sure if Fiona (the person) is into fish, I should find out and maybe make this for her if she would like it.

Jersey Girl - so cute, and she is new. Perfect for any cow collectors out there. I love her in purple but I think she would be great in black and white as well (not just because I have a large collection of black and white fabric)

And something other than animals. This one is called Gotta Love My Bus - I think it is perfect for all the old hippies out there and anyone who loves campervans.
All these patterns are so cool, there are way more on the website -

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Baby Quilt
I have finished another quilt - not sure what my niece will like, so I did two quite different quilts. Now I'm putting photos of both on the blog so she (or her mother) can let me know which one to get quilted. I love them both.
This one is from a Lori Smith pattern called Stars From Heaven. A friend thinks it is too pretty for a baby boy, but I don't know. I really like it, but I also really like the rocket ship. So Lysa or Courtenay get to decide and then I get the one they choose quilted for the new baby.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fun softie kits

I have just got some really cute softie kits in. There are 5 different ones, an owl, a fairy, a kitten, a frog and an elephant. They are done with stitchery and applique and have everything in the kit to make them up apart from the stuffing. I'm tempted to make a couple for gifts and the elephant for myself. As I only got a few in I am only putting them in my eBay store

Ollie Owl

Cecil Elephant

Miss Kitty

Murphy Frog

Lola Fairy