Monday, February 27, 2012

New Stock, and free pattern

Bigfork Bay Cotton Company is one of my favourite suppliers, I love their patterns, and the people are really nice as well. I have just updated the stock on the website and in my eBay store. They have designs from a lot of talented artists whose work is translated into gorgeous wall quilts. 
This is AMUR - he is gorgeous. My mother would have loved this one, and I would have had to make it for her.

Zuri is new - her name means beautiful in Swahili, and she is.

and my favourite - this is Chicken A La Carte - one of a series of fun wall quilts designed by Debi Hubbs and with Tuscan scenery in them. 

As well as the Bigfork Bay new patterns, I have finally gotten the kits for the Bella Garden - the latest McKenna Ryan BOM. The fabrics are wonderful, so rich. And there seems to be a lot of fabric, it weighs over 1 kg. I only have 3 in stock, so if you want one, you better get in reasonably quickly.

And finally a bit of bragging from me. I have finished the first FREE pattern for my website. It isn't on there yet, but the quilt is finished and the pattern is written. I am just trying to get the diagrams right - I'm not up on making PDFs. It is called China Blue and should be on the website by the end of the week.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cross Stitch - Rinna

I love cross stitch. It is probably my second favourite crafty activity, to patchwork. And I collect dolls - all sorts of dolls - lately I have gotten quite a few little Japanese dolls to add to my collection. So when I saw these fabulous cross stitch designs by Rinna I knew I had to stock them in my store. I have 7 different designs to choose from, still don't know which one I want to do. Actually I think I want to do them all, but know that is probably not going to happen. So I wanted to share them with you. 




Thursday, February 16, 2012

From My Heart to Your Hands

I received a parcel from Lori Smith a few weeks ago, and I have finally got around to putting them all on my website . They are fabulous, as are all her patterns. I am trying to decide which one I need to do. Probably one of the folk art applique designs because I love that style. A lot of her things are very traditional in design (and I'm not) but there are several I would like to do anyway. She also has a great range of little quilts to make - in 2 different lots of patterns. One lot is called Fit to Frame and each pattern has 4 fabulous little projects designed to fit in easily available frames. The other lot is called Fat Quarter Quilting and has 9 gorgeous little quilts - generally made with fat quarters. I think I may start with one of these rather than a big one.
This is new - isn't it gorgeous. It's called Lily's Garden

An oldie but a goodie - high on my list of projects from Lori. It's called Autumn Trails

Another new one - Mary Katherine's Pride

This one is Flowers For Mackenzie - love it

Fat Quarter Quilting - Five Prints plus One Background to make any one of the quilts. A great place to start - applique and/or pieced - fabulous.

 Leave a comment and you can have 10% off any Lori Smith pattern on the website. Just let me know when you purchase so I can fix the price on your invoice. 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fabulous Baby Shoe patterns

OMG - it's February already. What happened to December and January. Got busy I think, anyway I'm back now with some fabulous new stuff. And hopefully some interesting things happening in my life. 
I got an order from Curby's Closet today - the most fabulous baby shoes (booties) patterns - such as Cowboy boots and Ballet shoes and Loafers and more. I'm really tempted to make some of these up just because they are so cute even though there are no babies around. 
These are the cutest baby shoes ever - I might have to make some

The newest pattern - so cute with laces

Perfect for any little girl - ballet shoes - starting early