Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Finished another

Well, I have finished one more quilt. Now just one to go - and  all the other stuff that still needs to be done. I am going to spend Christmas with my family in Tasmania so I need to find something to take with me. I want to make my granddaughter some pants, she doesn't like dresses (at age 4) so that will be her Christmas present. Once they are done, I think I will have almost finished my necessary sewing.
This is my niece's quilt. She got engaged a few years ago, but still no wedding date so I'm making her wedding quilt for this Christmas. Her mother tells me she is into black and white, so I think she will like it. I really like this design so I'm thinking of doing another scrappy for something totally different.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Kate's Christmas quilts

I have finished two more quilts that needed to be done before Christmas. One of these is for my nephew's little boy and is an I Spy quilt in bright colours. He is 5 so I think he will like it. And the other is going to be a door curtain at the shop I work at. It won't get quilted till after Christmas, I'm just going to sew some calico around the edges to protect it a bit.
Kobie's quilt. I may even write this up as a pattern because I am so happy with it. 

This one is a free Lecien pattern, called Zig Zag (I think). Quick and easy. And the fabrics are all Christmas fabrics. They are really pretty.

And this is from my desk. The birds were feasting on the tree outside my window and I had my camera  at my desk so I had to take some pictures. Isn't he gorgeous.