Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Stock - Bird Brain

There is so much new stock coming in, and so many of them I would like to do. I think I need to stop sleeping and do some more sewing. Though I suppose if I don't sleep I won't feel much like sewing. Oh well, I'll just have to try and fit more in during the day. 
These are Bird Brain designs - most are stitchery, but some are really pretty felt applique. 
This one is called Quilts in the Garden, it's high on my list to do, but maybe a bit intricate. I think I might have to find something smaller.

This one is so pretty and it can be a sachet or a pincushion. I think I would do it as a sachet and give it to someone special. It's a bit too pretty for my house. It's called Think Pink

I love this one, it's a bit late for Easter I know. The pattern has the runner, and the stuffed eggs and the cute little pillow. I might try and make an egg or two for Sophia, if I start now I might finish it in time for next Easter. It's called Eggs on Parade.

And another cute stitchery. This one is Home Sweet Home Redwork.

 And here is one that isn't late, maybe a bit early. But maybe not, depending on how good we are at finishing things (not very sometimes). This one is Santa and Toys Redwork Stocking.

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