Thursday, February 2, 2012

Fabulous Baby Shoe patterns

OMG - it's February already. What happened to December and January. Got busy I think, anyway I'm back now with some fabulous new stuff. And hopefully some interesting things happening in my life. 
I got an order from Curby's Closet today - the most fabulous baby shoes (booties) patterns - such as Cowboy boots and Ballet shoes and Loafers and more. I'm really tempted to make some of these up just because they are so cute even though there are no babies around. 
These are the cutest baby shoes ever - I might have to make some

The newest pattern - so cute with laces

Perfect for any little girl - ballet shoes - starting early


  1. que bellos!! donde puedo comprar los patrones?... me encataron

  2. Gracias, son muy hermosos y se ven sencillos de hacer

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