Monday, March 5, 2012

Sydney Craft Show

I'm off to the Craft Show on Friday, didn't make it to any last year so I thought I deserved an outing. And I'm catching up with a friend and staying overnight. Maybe I will get to some fabulous market on Saturday, will have to wait and see. And I might find some interesting new stuff at the Craft show for the shop.
The orders are still coming in, got new stuff from Julie Maccullough of Magic Threads and Jill Maas - they both do fabulous dolls - I have made some of Julie's but haven't yet made any of Jill's.
Fred and Frogs in a Box - this is the new one by Jill Maas, love it and can imagine all the fun embellishing the box.

and this is Snowdrop, isn't she pretty. Another Jill Maas doll. 

I've also got some new stuff from Kookaburra Cottage, including a little girls dress pattern and a toddlers pants and top pattern - both of which I have actually made. I will try and put pics up next week.
Ava Rose - pretty Kookaburra Cottage quilt pattern

Kookaburra Laugh - this would be great for an overseas friend.

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