Tuesday, January 15, 2013

List Number One

I saw something on a blog the other day that really appealed to me. It is a weekly list blog along. Haven't quite worked out how to get the links and stuff yet, but wanted to get started as we are already on week 3 of 2013.
So this is going to be my first list. It is quilts I want to make in 2013. It will be interesting to see how many get made. I will try and put pics with the list later, and will also try and join the rest of the blogging community who are doing it.

List # 1

Quilts for 2013

1)        Dresden variation – from a tutorial I found online, I think from Hyacinth quilts. Love it and I have someone in mind to give it to.
2)      Quilt for Liam – he is my cousin’s child, I made him a quilt when he was born and he is turning 17 this year. I think it’s about time I made him another one. I need to talk to his mother first though.
3)      Pretty Dresses – this one is already started. It is a commercial pattern (can’t think of the designer) and I am doing it with Kaffe fabrics for the dresses.
4)     Scrappy Round the World – a Bonnie Hunter quilt that I love and  will use some of my scraps and some from my stash.
5)      Gold Spinning Mountains – I’m working on this one at the moment. It is an original design.
6)      Union Jack quilt – this is one I wanted to do last year as a Quiltalong. I signed up but never got around to doing it.
7)      Jamie’s quilt – Jamie is my beloved son-in-law and he is turning 40 and needs a quilt. No ideas for it yet.
8)      Daisy Dance – this is one I found in a magazine, done in 1930s and very pretty, appliqué and pieced.
9)      Honey Bun quilt – I have a pretty Honey Bun here that I want to make up. No pattern yet.
10)                 Dresden Plate sample – this is the same as the one I gave Lysa for Christmas. It is a sample for the shop. Another original.
11) 1930s Circles – I’ve already made one from this pattern that was in a magazine and I really liked it. Just want to do some more 1930s quilts.
12)                 Indian Elephants – I saw a quilt made in India with elephants on it and I love the design so I’m going to adapt it and make a quilt for me.
13)                 Black and White for Fiona – this one has been on the list for a couple of years. This year it will be done.
14)                 Chevron quilt – I have a Turnovers pack and I’m going to use it to make a Chevron quilt from Janelle Wind’s Chevron cushion pattern.
15)                 Zig Zag quilt – this is inspired by a pillow on Zen Chic’s blog. Love it, don’t have any ideas on colour or anything but I really like the design.
16)                 Feather Quilt – another one from a blog, I think it was Anna Maria Horner. It’s gorgeous, may not happen, but I would like to do it.
17)                 All Through the Night Blue – this one I have all the fabrics for. It is a pattern by Bonnie Sullivan that appeals to me. I am doing it in clean blues and purple. 

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