Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Happy New Year & Stash

Well, we all made it to 2013 without the world coming to an end. And I have made a 'New Year's Resolution' (sort of). I am cleaning up my sewing room/office and all my fabric. I made a start late in December because I didn't have to go out anywhere and everything was quiet. I'm really suprised and happy about how much I have already got done. I had a big bin of 1930s fabrics (I'm a bit addicted to them) and I finally got around to that a few days ago, and now it is all done.
Here it is, all nicely folded and piled in the cupboard. Now I just need to make some more quilts with it. There is also a small box of scraps you can't see. I folded everything about the same, but couldn't bring myself to be too fussy about it. The row in the middle is all fat quarters that I hadn't even opened.

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