Sunday, September 18, 2011

SewArmadillo featured designer

I have been hoping to do more blogging but finding the time is the hard part at the moment. My offsider at work is off sick so I am working more than I planned, and my website is taking a bit of a back seat for a couple of weeks. But I do want to keep up the Featured Designer - this week it is Bits 'N Pieces - a fun US pattern company. I love this one because they have fabulous button bracelets and dangles to hang off your scissors and keys and stuff. 
These are the button dangles - aren't they fabulous.

And this is a pattern called Southern Star - it is lovely - I saw a version of it in a show and it was spectacular. It's on my list of designs to do.

I took my camera out the other day, thinking I would take some photos of the gorgeous spring flowers and show off the fabulous weather, and it didn't work. I think it was only the card, hope so anyway. Haven't got around to changing the card yet.

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