Friday, September 21, 2012

Rydal retreat

Last weekend I went on a 2 day retreat to Rydal, a really pretty little village between Bathurst and Lithgow. Patricia, the lady I work for, arranged it and it was wonderful. There were 11 of us there, some of the ladies I knew, and some I hadn't met before. Patricia did all the catering and the food was great, as was the sewing, the company and the location.
This is the caterer, Patricia, working very hard to make sure we all had enough to eat.

and some of the local wildlife, these were just outside the dining room. Aren't they gorgeous.

The Thursday Girls - I was threatened with all sorts of things if I put this up, but they are all lovely ladies and I enjoyed spending the weekend with them. So I think they deserve some recognition.

This is Rydal, it is so pretty. They were having their annual Daffodil weekend when we were there and the daffodils were just beautiful, and everywhere.

Bitsy Buttons and Friends - that is the original pattern name by Bunny Hill. But I don't think it will end up being called that. I finished it on the weekend. The fabrics are mainly American Jane from a layer cake. The scallop border is a bit different to the pattern. I'm going to put flash buttons on the bows and a fancy collar and tag on the one who doesn't have a bow.

And this is the quilt that I made over the weekend. It is a Jaybird pattern, done with the Creative Grids Lazy Angle ruler, and it was fabulous to do. I changed the layout just a bit. I am really happy with the way it turned out, and now I want to do some more similar ones. This one is for the Relay for Life - to be raffled next year. 

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