Friday, May 24, 2013

More from Market

I'm home, over my jet lag, half unpacked and back to work. So I can show some more pics from Market and my trip. Today will be the fabulous Kathy Schmitz and her equally fabulous sister Bonnie Sullivan. Kathy is one of the designers on my website, and some of her patterns are being discontinued. I have put pics of some of these on my facebook page, if you want them get them soon because I can't get any more.
Kathy's booth at Market, she was in the Moda section showing off her new fabric range. She also has a great new book that is available, the quilt in the background is from it.

Kathy in front of her great designs. There are several of her patterns I want to make.

Bonnie in front of her latest patterns, her specialty is wool - isn't it all gorgeous.

The last day of the show, I think Kathy had just about had enough so she was resting on the bed in Bonnie's booth. Love the crazy patch quilt. 

Bluebird Nest - this is one of the discontinued patterns. It has been on my to do list for quite a while.

The Greatest Joy - another discontinued pattern, gorgeous as well.

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