Wednesday, May 15, 2013

USA trip

Still having a wonderful time in the States. Today I went on a bus shop hop, 4 fabulous quilting shops and one antique mall. Had to buy something everywhere of course.
But I haven't uploaded the pics yet so I'm going to put some up from my day trip to Vancouver. It was a very pretty city and I would be happy to go back anytime.
 I love flying, but not sure about seaplanes. These land on the water in the middle of Vancouver.

A scene from the centre of Vancouver, pretty and clean.

Love this, it is a mailbox. Not boring, so much fun.

Fabulous statues, near Stanley Park, I think. Check out the size of the people compared to the statues. Unfortunately we didn't stop so I couldn't get any close up shots. Definitely on my list of places to go back to.

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