Monday, May 13, 2013

USA trip

Well here I am in sunny USA. I have been away for just over a week, had great plans to blog regularly but it hasn't happened. I have been visiting my fabulous friend Karla and her hubby just north of Seattle, and had a lovely time. Karla is so good, she takes me to lots of quilt shops. I also had a day trip to Canada, never been there before and thoroughly enjoyed it apart from the minor bout of food poisoning I came back with. I have pics of quilt shops and touristy stuff to post but today I will just show off some of my fabulous fabric purchases.
these are a nice range of browns, not my usual colours but these are lovely.

Monkey fabrics in brown and red, for my gorgeous friends Megan and Damien's new baby who should be here soon.

I always say I won't buy more black and white but I always do. Love them

This is one of my favourite fabrics, it is an Alexander Henry print. I don't think they are available in Australia. Inspired by Edward Gorey.

And another bunch that I just needed to buy.
Now I'm about to go to market. Might have to buy more fabric there. I will put up posts as much as possible over the next few days to show off some of the great stuff I have seen.

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