Friday, July 29, 2011

Ebay Sale

Well it's Sophia's 3rd birthday on Monday and I can't be there - I sent her presents so I hope she will think of me a little bit. There are a couple of dinosaur coloring books so that should keep her happy and her Alphabet quilt (pics a few posts ago).
So I decided I would have a 3 day sale to celebrate. Only on ebay because we are in the middle of a major renovation of the SewArmadillo site. It should be finished in a couple of weeks and I will have a big sale there too. 
I have got lots of fabulous new stock in, including some great new Amy Bradley patterns and I actually got one made. It is called Scottie Love, and I have a thing for Scottie dogs so it was the perfect quilt to make. 
Mine is done with black and white backgrounds and Kaffe dogs, the hearts are actually gold, doesn't show up very well in the pic. My godson, Harry, his first comment when he saw it was did I realise I had one of the dogs wrong. Isn't he sweet. He doesn't understand about being a bit odd. 

This is the original pattern, it also has a version with only 9 blocks like mine, but still soft and pretty.

And this is my favourite Amy Bradley quilt - big and complicated. It comes in a book form and has a story for all the characters. If I find some time I may get around to making it for my gorgeous Sophia.

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