Sunday, July 3, 2011

New quilt - Red Boot quilt company

It has been a fairly busy week, with the end of the financial year. Didn't get half the stuff done that I should have. But I did finish this fabulous Red Boot quilt. Toni Alexander does some fabulous designs, I did one for Sophia when she was born, and I would really like to do some more.
This is my version of Starshine & Daisies - all done with 1930s fabrics - not sure that the colors are real accurate, but they are close.

Toni's original quilt

I have also finished this really cute dinosaur library bag for Sophia's birthday. Just because she likes dinosaurs doesn't mean she can't have girly as well. So the bag is bright pink pieced and the dinosaur is purple floral. The applique design is from a Make It embroidery transfer that I enlarged, and I have almost finished a stitchery dinosaur as well to go on a pocket, because every bag should have a pocket.

Pretty pink with a very colorful dinosaur. I forgot to put a button on for his/her eye, but I will do that before I give it to her.

This is the pocket, with his big button eye. And the lining fabric is a very pretty little floral.

So for the next week, all the Red Boot Quilt Company patterns will be on sale - 10% off, I will have to fix the price my end as I haven't worked out how to do it on the website yet. The fabulous Jen is working on that as we speak.

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