Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fabulous Bus Trip

Today was a bus trip arranged by Quilt Market. It was an early start but a really good day. We went to 3 great quilt shops - where a little fabric was purchased - got to keep as many shops open as possible. And they all had fabric that was different, some I hadn't seen before anywhere and some I already have in my stash but 'needed' a little more of. And I found some great mini pompom braid that I had to buy in 7 different colors. Several of the other women asked what I was going to do with it - no answer - I have no idea, except maybe something for Sophia as it is so cute.
We also went to a great little town that is having major work done, and one of the things that is happening is a new tourist / art complex called Copper Shade Tree. There were lots of fabulous shops there selling gorgeous handmade arts and crafts.
This is one of the many fabulous old buildings that houses great new stores.

What a wonderful name for a store, so appropriate. They had stunning clothes - very different  and all gorgeous

Not sure what these were - there was a pair hanging each end of an old building, but I thought they were cool

One of the many derelict buildings in the town.

The side wall of the new Texas Quilt Museum in La Grange Texas. It isn't officially open yet, but has a great display of quilts - all made by Texans. La Grange is about an hour from Houston, but if you get the chance to have a look, it is well worth it.

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