Saturday, October 8, 2011

Ready for Houston

I have finally got everything (almost) organised for my trip to Houston. I have a plane ticket, and accommodation and my classes and registration for the show booked. Still have to get to Sydney to catch the plane, but that is only a minor issue. 
Belinda is running things while I'm gone - it's great to have friends who will help out when they have to stay home and I get to go travelling. I hope to post while I'm away, just not sure about photos.
Anyway the featured designer for SewArmadillo this week is Serendipity Studio. These are fabulous clothing for women, and great bags - a bit of a change from quilts.

This is the Betty June dress, the designer was wearing it at Salt Lake City and it's gorgeous. I may have to start making my own clothes again soon.

This one is a great bag, with lots of pockets and fully reversible. Called Rita.

And this one takes me back to my youth. It's a retro style tunic - very reminiscent of the 70s. And I love the bright fabrics.

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