Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hexagons for everyone

One of the classes I did while I was away was with Mary Anne Ciccotelli - fabulous folded hexagons. More fun for hexmaniacs. It was a great class and easy. She has a range of patterns available, (these will be on my website sewarmadillo in the next week or so) for bags and quilts and stuff and was a real pleasure to meet. She is from New York and great fun. I think I may have to actually make something from her technique, no papers involved - how easy. We all ended up with cute little pins to wear, just add a fabulous button and some hairy yarn. 

Me and Mary-Anne

Fun hexagons

Another fabulous fun thing was a trip to Ogden - home of Shepherd's Bush. One of my favourite cross stitch labels, and only about an hour from Salt Lake City. The public transport was so clean and so easy. Ogden is just a little town - we didn't get to look around much, as we were so enthralled by the store and all their wonderful stuff. Belinda and I both had to support the economy of the town by buying stuff (lots of it ) to bring home. Now I just have to start cross stitching again. A lot of this will be added to my store inventory in the next few weeks.

Inside Shepherd's Bush store

Shepherd's Bush storefront

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