Monday, May 23, 2011

what can be done with a quilting disaster

My friend Fiona came to visit recently, and was helping me to make some quilt samples from the free patterns that I will have in my store (SewArmadillo) soon. But she must have been having a moment when she was doing this one. None of the points matched and we really didn't like it when the blocks were made and laid out. 

blocks laid out - not happy 

So I figured the fabrics were too good to waste, so I drew circles on each block, cut them out and appliqued them onto a fairly ordinary background fabric, and made a fabulous quilt. Unfortunately the pic isn't great, but I really like the quilt. Now I just have to decide whether to put a border on it or not. It is only 48" square at the moment so a border is looking good. But I was so happy with getting it past the 'throw out' stage that I had to share.

blocks remade and sewn together - very happy

The pattern and the modifications will be available on the website in the next couple of weeks.

As well as this I also finished a pretty little pink quilt, made from scraps, no pattern but instructions may be available if anyone wants them. Just ask. It now has to be to Belinda, to live in her house for a while. 

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