Friday, May 27, 2011

Rabbits Haven

Today is all about Arlene Neely and the fabulous Rabbits Haven - this is her pattern company and I was lucky enough to meet her and her sisters at Salt Lake City. There are 4 wonderful women in this family.
Arlene is in the middle in white with me next to her.

The first time I saw these designs was about 2 and a half years ago at Houston and I new I had to have them in my store, and I would really like to do one for my granddaughter. Arlene's designs are all pretty and girly with gorgeous stitchery on some - all of rabbits. I had picked one to do for Sophia (my granddaughter) that is very complex, and now she likes dinosaurs and lizards and isn't very girly at all. I will wait a couple of years before I start the quilt and hope she likes girly stuff more by then.

Rabbits Haven booth at Salt Lake City.

The Rabbits Haven pattern company is based in Canada and they put out new patterns every year, most of them have some gorgeous embroidery, but some are easier and just simple piecing. Arlene also has done fabric ranges, so people can get the same fabrics as the original quilts if they like.

An example of Arlene's embroidery.

While I was at the booth, Arlene showed me how to transfer designs onto fabric her way. I am going to try it, and then I will let you all know about how it works. She uses graphite paper and a stylus. I have bought them but still need to find time to try it.

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