Sunday, May 22, 2011

shopping in Salt Lake City

Belinda and  I were lucky while we were in Salt Lake that Helen Stubbings and Tracy Browning took us shopping. We had a couple of free days, and they had a car. Tracy was very brave driving in America - never got onto the wrong side of the road, but did get somewhat lost a couple of times - much better than I would have done though. We went to Park City, which has a fabulous outlet mall as well as several great quilt shops. We all did quite a bit of shopping, in fact Belinda and I both bought exactly the same 2 pairs of shoes. I think I will put funky laces in mine.

Fabulous blue Moose at the entrance to the Outlet Mall area

Showing off for the camera - Tracy, Helen, Belinda

Back at the hotel - this is just Belinda's shopping, and we were in a VW bug with not a lot of boot space.

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