Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Quilted Fish

Today is dedicated to Amanda Herring, the fun and fabulous designer from The Quilted Fish. I did her class at Schoolhouse series at Spring Market and she is wonderful. Then I went to the booth to be even more amused. Her patterns are fun and bright - like she is. I particularly liked her Shower cap pattern - it has a shower curtain in it as well.


And of course her booth was equally fabulous. I forgot to check and see if she won a prize but I thought she should. All the girls working with her were great fun as well. 

The fabulous booth

They even let me sit in her armchair to have a picture taken with her. But I couldn't bring myself to wear one of her fun Top Hats. They are really cute, but I'm not a hat person. I think I will just have to make them as pincushions (the alternative version). 

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