Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pioneer Hospital - Quilt Museum

Another Salt Lake City story today. We went on a bus trip organised by the Quilt market people, most of it was to Quilt stores (or course). But one thing that I found really interesting, as I was a nurse for over 30 years, was the Pioneer Hospital, that is now a Quilting Museum. Upstairs are some fabulous antique quilts, we had a talk by a lady who has made several vintage quilts from pieces she has purchased or remade old quilts that weren't worth saving as they were. But downstairs was a little museum of old hospital stuff - like a wheelchair, and old instruments, and old hospital beds.

 What an amazing contraption

 Can you imagine beds like this in a modern hospital. 

The museum / hospital was in a place called (I think) Heritage Park, and it was where the original settlers first came into the valley. I would really have liked to spend more time there, looking at the quilts, and the hospital collections. Maybe next time I go to Salt Lake City.

The view up the valley to the pass.

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