Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cross stitch

I'm getting back into cross stitch at last. Most nights I do some, maybe not much, but at least I pick it up. I'm working on several projects at the moment - cross stitch projects as well as quilting, knitting, and lots of others I would rather not talk about. It's too scary when I think of all the things that are started. 
Anyway, when I was in Paris I got some fabulous cross stitch charts from Alice and Co, and decided I needed to do one as a sample (more likely just because I really liked it). And here it is. The design is called 'Fleur Dans Fenetre' but I just call it Flower on my website. I changed it a bit, by putting different colors behind the flower stem, and did different colors for the rosebud.

I'm also working on some pretty little hearts for one of my daughters for Christmas. And a gorgeous Japanese lady for a friend from my old job. And.... and..... and..... I don't think I should continue with this line of thought.

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