Thursday, June 9, 2011

Work in Progress

I've been a bit slack with posting but I've been busy so I figure I can't do it all. I have had lots of fabulous new stock come into my store and I've been trying to get it all up so everyone else can see the great stuff I found in Salt Lake City. And I've been sewing. I'm teaching a class at a local shop in August and I haven't finished the samples. So here is a quick look at what I'm doing - it's a Dresden plate class.
What a mess, but it's an organised mess - kinda

One finished plate for the main quilt. It is done with Bali Pops, and will have plain batik sashings. Each block is 15" finished. It didn't help that I cut 4 background blocks at 12.5". Guess I'll have to find something to do with them.

And this is an older version, a bit different, and big. Each block will finish at least 22"and I am only doing 4 - not sure what it will become, but I'm sure I will work that out one day, when I finish putting it together. If anyone has any fabulous suggestions I would appreciate any advise I can get. 

I'm also working on an alphabet quilt for Sophia, she will be 3 on 1st August and I'm hoping to visit for her birthday, so I figured I should take something with me. She would probably prefer a dinosaur quilt, but that may have to wait till Christmas. 

And I shouldn't forget I just got new stock in from the gorgeous Arlene of Rabbits Haven. There are some of her new designs and some of her old favourites now available again. Here is my personal favourite. 

Tea In The Garden

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