Sunday, June 19, 2011


Well, I must have been having a 'blonde' or 'senior' moment when I did my last post. I put the same picture up as the day before, and didn't realise till I spoke with Belinda and she asked where the applique was. Silly me. Anyway - here is the correct pic, finished and waiting for a back and bind to be organised, then it can go with the others waiting to be quilted. I'm glad I don't need to finish quilts completely to put them in the finished basket. I'm more than happy to get tops done. And I have quite a few now. Maybe one day I'll get around to organising some quilting, or (HORROR) I'll learn to quilt myself.

The Finished Quilt


  1. The Thangles are great ... have used them before, and very effective in these colours. I am thinking the middle square needs something in it ... maybe small applique flowers, what do you think?

  2. Would love to try both, they sound interesting

  3. HI Anne,
    I think I agree with you. I'll have to pull the fabrics back out and make a flower and try it. I'll post another pic when (or if) I get it together.