Saturday, June 11, 2011


Well Patricia will be pleased, I have finally finished the sample for the class I am teaching. It came together really well, I used a Bali Pop pack, but wasn't impressed with the way some of the strips were cut. I hope they are not all like that or I will be reluctant to use them too often. 
Don't have a name for it yet, I'll try to think of something fabulous.

And I also finished Sophia's birthday quilt. I'm sure she would be happier with a dinosaur quilt, but this is probably what she will get. And more of course. How could I just give her one quilt for her 3rd birthday. She already has about 6 or 8, but this one is 'educational' as well. Now I just have to give it to Belinda and get it quilted. It only needs an edge to edge on it so I'm sure it will be ready for her birthday.

Sophia's alphabet quilt

Today I wasn't going to do any work, I was going to sit around and sew, and maybe do some dreaded housework ( I don't do much if I can avoid it ). But instead I found some new AAN cross stitch charts that needed to be listed on the shop site. So I spent some time and got them all sent to the fabulous Jen, who will arrange the listing in the next couple of days. I love this designers stuff. This one is gorgeous. I don't drink coffee, but I love the design, just wish I knew a coffee fanatic to do it for. Maybe I'll just have to do one as a sample.

Coffee - AAN cross stitch chart

Now I'm going to sit and stitch some of the amazing cross stitch I am working on for Martin. It is so much work. Done on red Aida, and very intricate. I will take pics when I get a bit more done.

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