Tuesday, June 21, 2011


What a fabulous day - it snowed. I know lots of people don't like the snow, and I probably wouldn't either if I had to go out in it. But I didn't have to go out, and it doesn't snow here very often so it was fabulous. I sat at my desk with the curtains opened (letting warm air out) and watched the snow falling. Then I had to step outside to take some pictures. It will all be gone by tomorrow so I was so pleased I had a chance to see it today. It snowed when I was away last time, but I was here for this one. YAHOO
  The view from the window near my desk. Not what I see when I am sitting there, that's really boring. I have to get up to look at this view, but isn't it great with the snow.

This is just outside my front door. That was about as far as I wanted to go outside today. Thank God for central heating, and warm clothes.

And just to prove I have been doing something constructive as well, I made a fun back for my granddaughter's birthday alphabet quilt. 

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